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Photographer based in Réunion island
Creativity, Quality and Simplicity
Undies + bralettes as stylish as you
Denim DNA. Sustainable mindset
Design direction & illustration
Folio v.02 2020
The top Pinterest trends for 2020
Creative photographer focused in kids
The finest mechanical watches
One of the top visual and design directors in the world
Finding Your Dream Dress
Graphic Design & Art Direction
International street casting, production, creative direction
Easy for brands to reach bigger audiences
We craft meaningful experienceson screen and paper
Shaping ambitious ideas and designing for the modern business
Full service marketing agency
Creative director at Cosmos Studio
Creates objects that celebrate slowness
Come and feel the difference
Your online portfolio
New Orleans Eyewear
Our comfort zone is living without a comfort zone
Swedish functionality with French style
Jewellery in gold and silver
Interaction design, playful computing

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