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I design things for peoples
Product & systems design
Photographer based in Réunion island
Senior Creative Technologist
Building thoughtful, intuitive, and delightful interactions
Interactive designer & developer
Visual designer based in Parma
Tattoo artist based in Copenhagen
Design direction & illustration
Freelance Developer & Designer
Experience building products for startups & large organizations
Folio v.02 2020
Creative photographer focused in kids
Senior Designer, Starbucks
Creative Frontend Developer
One of the top visual and design directors in the world
Graphic Design & Art Direction
Creative product designer for digital world
Creative director at Cosmos Studio
Product Designer and Web Developer
Entrepreneur and multi-disciplinary consultant
Interaction design, playful computing
Brand Design Director
Website and user interface designer
Freelance creative developer
Experimenting with Electronic, R&B/soul & Lo-Fi sounds

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