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Visualising Sound
I design and code at Uber
We make and sell clothing, books and art
Our work is serious, we are not
Rethink how we use fashion
We’re a growth branding agency
Embraces the arts and technology equally
We're all created equal until blood cancer strikes
Re-think tomorrow
Brand, culture & experience


Personalized nutrition for a better future
Proudly calls itself a workhorse serif
Design Documentary
Life’s a thrill, fonts are chill
Web strategy, design & development
Interactive designer & developer
We've designed 10+ multi-million dollar companies
We've designed 10+ multi-million dollar companies
Visual designer based in Parma
Agencies & creatives
Tattoo artist based in Copenhagen
Connecting designers from around the world
We see things differently
We create more insightful, effective, and fun
We explore voraciously
Folio v.02 2020

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