The Best 199 gray Landing Page Design Inspiration

Lapa Ninja is a gallery featuring the best landing page examples from around the web.

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The developer’s choice for building smart contracts
Automate Software Testing and Delivery
Get everyone on the same page
Clean, functional and minimalism
An illustrator, a designer and an artist
Freelance Web Designer and Developer
A Creative Agency
Freelance design
Every step more humane than the last
We are a Madrid-based design studio
Single of Shallou
Swedish functionality with French style
Follow & Learn From The Best Designers
Always improving and developing new skills
Full-service digital design agency
Insanely simple invoicing
Soundproof Phone Booths For The Open Office
Creative Studio
Senior Designer at Revolut
Power Your Ride
Recognize and Collect Cars
Fresh Seafood Market
Spending my time in NYC & Paris
Software that helps you become a better manager
Hiring sucks. Referrals are the answer
Creative developer and art director

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