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Establishing the relationship between Forests and Architecture.

About ANAI

Establishing the relationship between Forests and Architecture.

Anai Wood Factory, established in 1964 in the Aso Minamioguni region of Kumamoto Prefecture, is situated alongside a river, right next to a cluster of residential homes. We specialize in the production and sale of all construction-related components, ranging from structural materials to interior finishes, using the renowned Oguni cedar and cypress, which are local specialties of Minamioguni. Known for our extensive forestry knowledge and unique geothermal drying process, our timber has earned the love and trust of local carpenters as well as architects, construction firms, and individual customers, far and wide, who appreciate top-quality materials. With unwavering dedication, we have been engaging with wood for over 60 years. Our founder established the business as a sawmill that used horses to transport logs that they harvested from the mountains and passed down the tradition to the second and third generations, which are managing it now.

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