The Best 453 Minimal Landing Page Design Inspiration

Lapa Ninja is a gallery featuring the best landing page examples from around the web.

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Digital Product Studio
Simple Project Management Tool
Design a Simple Life
Super Fast Professional Invoicing For Freelancers
Product Designer in San Francisco
Product Designer, Illustrator, Visual Stimulator
A static CMS that commits
Art Director
Cryptocurrency Tracker
No idea is too early
Startup Website Builder
Design for Results
A radically new open source design tool
I build things for the internet
Sketch Plugin
Building great products with ambitious entrepreneurs
An open source repository
Full service digital agency
A minimal markdown editor, markdown reader
We build the future of work
Every 4 out of 5 people experience intrusive thoughts
Designer. Developer. Maker of things.
The easiest way to keep track of your habits
We're a digital-led creative agency
Designer and Front-end Developer
Digital creative agency in Portland

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