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Designed for: Sketch / Adobe XD / Figma / InVision Studio / Photoshop / Illustrator

Tired of seeing the same old boring animated websites? Check out to watch & learn from the best.

62 carefully designed mobile screens to kickstart your project.
Easy-to-use and editable brand identity template created in Sketch
Build immersive experiences for web, tablet, and mobile with the Now UI kit.
Changeable colors. Space Gray, Gold, Silver, White Clay, Black Clay
Clean reading app design, includes 3 screens, black and white version
Neat and clean view, includes 3 app screens by Creative Pox
Clean and minimal eCommerce Cards by Divan Raj
Minimal and clean app design, 6 screens for you to get started
Dark and White cryptocurrency App, design by Julia Bondarenko
Location-oriented mobile app concept to find, share and rate hiking places around you
White Perspective Mockup by Ramotion
Includes 3 screens, design with iPhone X
Contains 16 screens - a good base to kickstart an online shop concept
Minimal and clean eComerce app design by Tung Chi Vo
Unique styling to begin design projects for websites
Made with simplicity in mind. 4 screens for you to get started with your project
Minimal and clean app design, includes 3 screens
Minimal and clean UI design
Minimal and clean app design, includes 3 screens
Bold and Line, includes 48 useful icons. AI and Sketch version
Easy-to-use and editable
14 sections are included in design. The artboard is fully editable, layered, carefully organized
Clean and minimal app, light and dark version. Designed by Faria
Lexicon is a set of principles, patterns and tools created to provide a common design framework for crafting user interfaces within Liferay product ecosystem.
Kit to create square cards for flow charts, minimal wireframes, etc
A design system with values of Nature and Determinacy for better user experience of enterprise applications
Made for both iphone 8 and iphone X. Designed by Shojol Islam

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